Cody is a fourteen year old, Warmblood x Thoroughbred who competes under the name Gypsie Lodge Latin Coda. He’s my first horse and we became a partnership in late 2012 and I honestly haven’t looked back! He’s such a personality and loves people, I’ve honestly never seen him fall asleep which tied up during grooming/ tacking up etc, he always likes to be looking around and ‘socialising’. If people are having a conversation he’ll try his best to get in the middle of it, he doesn’t like being ignored!

Despite being a bit of a social butterfly with people, Cody isn’t always the most polite with horses and can be a bit of a grump. We primarily do dressage together (he used to belong to my coach and they competed Medium together… future goals!!!) although we occasionally go on trail rides or pop over a tiny jump, with varying levels of success, haha.

Throughout 2013 Cody and I have been developing our partnership and have only competed a couple times, just a prelim level. He’s been a really good boy and has built up my confidence to compete, so 2014 is our year to start competing officially, prelim and some novice, with the Young Rider Championships being our ultimate goal!

I’ll continuously post my ‘Riding Diaries’ on this blog, which are basically just my thoughts from training rides and lessons, as well as various other Cody related posts, so stay tuned.

Enjoy the following photos of my gorgeous boy.

DSC_0557 1379087_10151600065882854_1110724504_n

DSC_0568  1380953_10151599545517854_1197589453_nCody 11Cody, tina's photo  DSC_0552


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I'm Dana, an eighteen year old English and History major. Dressage, dresses and alliteration are a few of my favourite things.

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